Chen-Lin Education & Culture Foundation currently offer following grant opportunities:

  1. Call for applications, best research paper in Otolaryngology

Each year we will select 1-3 candidates for a cash price up to $10,000 for a paper we judge to be the best in the field of Otolaryngology.  Candidates will need to be in the postdoctoral (or equivalent) or resident stage of their career.

To apply, please send the following before Nov 15 of the year. Award will be announced by the end of the year.

(1) One paper you published in the last three year (from the year of application) either as first or the last author. If you are a co-first or last author, please explain your contribution in the project.

(2) Your brief (one page) CV.

by emailing to: [email protected]


2) We support documentary filming of Asian cultures

Chen-Lin Education and Culture supports documentary filming activities of Asian cultures.  For applications, please send your idea and plan outline to:

[email protected]